With our review widget, your clients can leave a review on your website, that you can then decide to show on the widget itself. It also allows them to share their review on Google+ and Yelp as well.  Here's a guide for how your clients will interact with the review widget.

First, the client will click on the “Give Reviews” button.

Then client will be directed to enter the review information and their personal information as shown below.  All fields are required to be able to enter a review.

After entering all the information, the user must click on the submit button below.

If the review entered is a positive one (4 or 5 stars), the client will be directed to the following screen, where they get presented the choice of sharing their review to the business Google+ page or Yelp page.  Clicking on either button will redirect the client to the Google+ or Yelp page for the business, where they can leave the review.  For their convenience, they can copy their review to easily paste it into Google+ or Yelp.

If the review entered is 3 stars or less, then the user will see the following message.