Now you can! The "Placeholder" text in our social media module is an awesome feature that allows brands to post messages on their social media platforms at one go without having to post separately to different accounts, which can be time consuming. For example, if you are a restaurant chain with 10 locations, having 10 separate social media accounts to manage for each location can be difficult. Let’s say you are providing a discount offer of 10% off across all locations. The Placeholder feature can be a time saving asset which will help you post the message on all social media channels but personalized as per the location.

How does it work? Here are the steps.

Step 1

Once logged in, you will land on your global dashboard which looks like this (depending on how many locations you have). Select a brand/account for which you would like to post messages on social media channels using the Placeholder feature.

Step 2

You will now land on the brand dashboard which has all details about this brand. Select "Brand Social" from the left menu.

Step 3

You’ll get to the Social Dashboard. Select "Publishing" at the top.

Step 4

You’ll land on a calendar to schedule your posts. Click on "+Schedule" for the date you want the post scheduled.

Step 5

Write the message you want to post via social channels. Here comes the interesting part. Let’s say you want to post this canned-yet-personalized message across all your social networks where the fields in [] will be replaced:

Get Flat 10% off on any cuisine at our [Miami] location this Friday. Call [560-876-7759] or visit [].

To achieve this, the placeholder text should be as follows. Notice the @ in the message. The placeholders will be replaced with respective fields for each location.

Get Flat 10% off on any cuisine at our @city location this Friday. Call @telephone or visit @website_url.

Step 6

Select the locations for which you want to post this message. You can select either by Location or Groups.

Step 7

This is the last step where you get a confirmation of the message that will be posted on each social network along with how many locations are scheduled as well as the date and time of the post.

*Currently we have the below placeholders that will be replaced with the pertaining location information on your brand posts. Make sure that all this information is included in the dashboard so the system can crawl for it when posting. If it's not available, the live post will just include the actual @placeholder.




That’s it! You are now ready to start bulk posting.