Don't fret! 

From time to time, you might see an alert message on your social section in the dashboard saying your account has expired. This happens specifically with Facebook and LinkedIn due to a privacy requirement, to help prevent misuse of your social account. Therefore, the Facebook and LinkedIn accounts must be re linked every two months.

Twitter, G+, Instagram and Pinterest access to the Localbiz360 dashboard never expires. However, if any misuse or spamming is detected, the social platform can expire the access to the dashboard. It can also expire if the access is explicitly revoked by the dashboard user.

To re link a social page to the social dashboard is very easy and the process is similar to the one followed when you linked the account for the first time.

1. Go to Social Settings, select the social account you wish to re link and click to add.

2. Select the social account and click on the “Link Page” button.

Presto! You are ready again to win the digital social game.