Every two months, your Facebook and LinkedIn account will prompt to be reconnected to the your dashboard. This is a condition imposed by Facebook directly to protect the user’s privacy and ensure no misuse is done in your dashboard. The reconnecting process means only refreshing the social token.

Using the re-link functionality described below, should help you reconnect Facebook pages easily. If the social token gets expired on your dashboard, please follow these steps for reconnecting:

1. Click on "New Notification" red link found in your social dashboard.

2. A pop up will appear showing the Facebook account that needs to be relinked. Click on the "Reconnect Now" button.

3. After clicking on "Reconnect Now", the system will provide an important Facebook tip. Ensure you comply with the tip and click the green “Continue” button to proceed. 

The Facebook page should now be re linked successfully to your dashboard!

A social token can expire if the user:

A. Changes the Facebook profile password where the business pages live: for reconnecting the “HubCentralApp” will not ask for permissions. It will auto-refresh the token instead and the user will get redirected immediately to the dashboard. The red “New Notification” message will no longer appear in your social dashboard.

B. Removes the HubCentralApp from the Facebook profile settings: after the user clicks on “Reconnect Now” and “Continue” he’ll be redirected back to Facebook to allow all permissions for the app once again.

C. His page access is revoked from another admin of the page

If all the above steps for the reconnect functionality are followed, you will never lose social historical data. Otherwise, if the social account is deleted and re linked to the dashboard as it is a new social account, the system will fetch posted data up to past 90 days.

To keep in mind:

* As per developer’s documentation, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest tokens never expire. However, this condition could change if the user revokes the HubCentralApp manually or if there is accidental misuse of the token due to Spam on the platform.

* Ensure to refresh your page token with the proper Facebook profile. Otherwise, the reconnect process will not work, and the red alert will continue to display on the social dashboard. A user can also reconnect the social page token from a different Facebook profile only if the given page also exists into that new profile.