The issue

As part of our extensive expertise in SEO, we monitor more than 200,000+ keywords across 3,000+ local and national websites with good awareness on our ranking tracking. However, some time ago we started noticing issues with keyword ranking. As many of you might know, Google has been frequently changing its user interface, often most noticeably on desktop and mobile search engine result pages like, Local Pack listings, Carousels in search results, Knowledge Graphs, Displaying of Google Shopping ads or Image and News listings etc.

Why are the keyword rankings fluctuating in the dashboard?

Are these changes motivated by the promotion of Google AdWords? Is this a case of constantly improving the user experience as claimed by Google?

Our expert developers ran some tests. We concluded that, a recent Google user interface change has caused the difficult fluctuation. Below is the before and after of the change in coding by Google:



Google changed the coding from an <li> to a <div> for each search result.

How does this affect the search engine results page tracking tools?

While previously because of <li> our tool could accurately calculate the ranking positions. But after the switch to <div> unfortunately it has been difficult for the search engine results page tracking tools to calculate the actual rankings.

What we are doing to help on this issue:

There is no doubt that Google will continue to make changes and we’ll do our absolute best to keep up with these cyclical revisions. We’ll make sure that we are continuously on top of it and ensure this is corrected over a certain period of time.