If we add a listing that does not belong to you, scroll to the listing and click 'more info'. You will see the 'Not my business' option. Click on it and you're done!   


After you have eliminated the listing that does not belong to you, you have the option of selecting a possible match (make sure to view the possible match before accepting it), entering your listing by copying and pasting its URL or creating a new listing.  

To confirm a listing, click on 'see' to view the listing first. If the listing belongs to you, click on 'make mine'. 

If you are not seeing you listing in the possible matches, but you have already created a listing, paste your listing's URL and click 'Add'. 

If you haven't created a listing in that particular website or directory, click on 'Create a listing' to do so. Remember, the more listings you have the easier it will be for customers to find you!