If you are an agency or franchise and you wish to have your customers use our white label knowledge base, you can provide us with a support URL (i.e. support.yourbusiness.com), to link to your own portal. Our knowledge base was created with our white labeling feature in mind. Simply send us your logo and we’ll create a portal for you that matches the style of your brand. Your customers will feel they are using a knowledge base created by you.

If you need help creating a URL for your support page, please follow these steps:

1. First, you will need to create a CNAME record in your DNS Zone File. To do this, login to your domain control panel and go to the section labeled DNS or name servers.

2. Then, create a new DNS record and point your custom support URL to localbiz360.freshdesk.com

3. Next, fill in the following details:

TTL: you may enter a Time to Live between 30 minutes to one hour or leave this field in its default setting.
Alias Name: enter the sub domain name for your alias. For example, support.localbiz360.com
Point to Host Name: Type @ to directly map the alias to your domain.

4. Create a TXT record to point fdkey.<yourcustom-support-domain> to 2a1a0de9df874013f418ee64a3ce6c05

5. Save your changes. 

Please note that this process may vary depending on your domain registrar. If you are unable to add the DNS record, you may need to contact your webmaster or server administrator.