Yes, you can! Keeping track of your competition is one the features we are most proud of. In order to take full advantage of the Competitors section you should make sure to have updated information and include competitors that are worth keeping track of (i.e. those with strong online presence). There are different reasons you may need to update or change your competitors, such as: a change in address, website or social sites or the competitor going out of business. Sometimes a stronger competitor will come into the picture and you'll have to replace one of the old ones. To do this go to your Project Settings section located on the left-side menu and click on "Edit Competitors".

Then, scroll down to the bottom of the page to Competitors. Click on the edit icon for the Competitor you wish to edit. If you wish to replace a competitor, simply click on the edit icon and replace all the information with the new competitor's information. To delete a competitor, just click on the red X icon. Be sure to click SAVE after you're done!