Adding a new account is super easy, go to the Agency Dashboard view and click on the Add Account button. There are three ways you can add an account: as a single location account, as a multi-location account, or you can do a bulk upload. 

Adding a single-location account 

To add a single location account, click on the Create Single Location Campaign button. You will then have the option of imputing the information manually or have us search for your business (to do this, your business must have a Google+ Local page). Once you start typing, a drop-down list will appear and you will be able to click on the appropriate location. Once you have selected your location, click Next. 

Now, select your competitors. We will show you a list of nearby business that offer services similar to yours. If you do not see a competitor on this list, you may also input the information by scrolling down and filling out the form. You can add up to three competitors per location!

Click next and verify your details.

Adding a multi-location account

To add an account with several locations, click on Create Multi Location Campaign, name your campaign or account and  and follow steps 1 and 2 from above. Once you've added your first location, click on the green Add Another Location button and follow the steps once again. Once you've added all you locations, click Next. 

Adding locations by bulk uploading 

If you have a new account with many locations, you may want to chose to do a bulk upload in order to save time. To do so, click on Bulk Location Upload, select your file and click upload. 

If your details are correct, click next again, await confirmation and you're done! Please be advised that your credit card will be charged for the new locations and a new billing cycle will start. If you have any questions regarding billing, feel free to contact us at .....................................................................................