You got it. In the dashboard's upper menu, go to brand dashboard, click on the brand you want to schedule a post for and select the "Brand Social" section.

Then click on the green 'Compose' button on the left-side. 

Once inside "Compose": 1. Select the date you want to post.

2. Write your message and include the image or video if applicable.

3.  Select the locations you wish to post to. Keep in mind that the dashboard will let you know if a location has the social media channel linked to the dashboard in order to post. If N/A appears, that means the location does not have that social media channel linked to the Localbiz360 dashboard.

For assistance on how to link your social media accounts on the Localbiz360 dashboard, please refer to this support article.

 4. Once you select the "Finish" button, the post confirmation will appear with the date, time and how many locations the post was scheduled to.