Our Review Widget not only allows customers to leave reviews on you website, it also lets you push reviews left on other sites, such as Facebook, Google+ and Yelp (among many many others!) to your website's Review Widget. This way, potential clients won't need to go on different review platforms to search for your reviews. If you need help setting up your Review Widget, follow these instructions. 

To select which reviews will be pushed to the Review Widget, go to Reviews on the Digital Reputation section. Then, scroll down to see a list of your reviews.

Once you locate a review you wish to push to the Review Widget (hint: just the good reviews!), click on the checkmark next to 'Show Review on Website Widget'. 

Reviews that are being shown on your website's Review Widget look like this: 

Conversely, if you'd like to stop a review from being pushed out to the Review Widget, locate the review and click on the 'X' next to 'Show Review on Website Widget'. 

Reviews that are not being shown on the Review Widget look like this: