Our bulk scheduling feature allows you to schedule several posts at once by importing an .CSV sheet with the posts' content, dates and social media channels. To do so, simply follow these instructions: 

First, you will need to create an Excel or .CSV sheet with the date, time, post content and social media channels. To make things even easier for you, we've provided a template that can be downloaded straight from your dashboard. 

To download the template go to your Social Dashboard and locate the Bulk Upload button to the right of your screen.

Right below the blue Bulk Upload button you will see a 'View an Example' link. Clicking that link will open a window with the sheet's specifications such as column name and content and character limit for each social media site.


Now, click 'Download Sample' to download a template sheet. Simply fill in your sheet and save the changes.

Now it's time to schedule your posts! Click on the blue 'Bulk Upload' button and your computer's finder application will pop-up. Locate your .CSV file and click Open.

You will promptly receive a message letting you know you've scheduled your posts.

Voilá! You've just scheduled in bulk! 

To see your scheduled posts, click on the tab corresponding to the social media channel you scheduled the posts for (if you scheduled posts for more than one social media channel, you can select anyone of them). Then, click on Publishing on the right-side menu. You will now see your scheduled posts on the calendar!