Yes you can! Simply go to your Social scheduler and follow the same instructions for scheduling regular posts. However, keep in mind that not all social media channels support the same formats or sizes. Here are the restrictions: 

Facebook: Supports MP4s of up to 20 minutes and 300mb. 

Twitter: Supports MP4s of up to 30 seconds and 15mb.

LinkedIn: Doesn't support videos. 

Here's how to schedule a post with a video: 

Go to the Social Module and click on 'Compose'.

  After clicking 'Compose', a pop-up window will appear. Type in your post and select the time. Then, click on the video icon and select the video you wish to upload from your files. Once you've selected your video, click schedule and you're done! 

As with any other scheduled posts, you can always go back and edit the time, date, content and channels. To do so simply follow these instructions.